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About Three Rivers Medical

Three Rivers Medical began as an initiative of the owners of Kaiti Medical Centre, which out-grew rooms in Kaiti, the eastern suburb of Gisborne, where it had been for 30 years. New Zealand’s government wants better, sooner, more convenient health services. We are a group of health professionals who decided to make this vision a reality. Three Rivers Medical opened in August 2012.

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Other News

2020 Vision for a New Year

11 January 2020

Nurse Ayla Evans enjoys being part of a team at Three Rivers Medical Centre, making a positive difference in the health and lives of patients in Gisborne.

Cook Off controversy, but everyone eats well!

11 November 2019

In yet another year of controversy, Three Rivers Medical introduced a wild card in its annual cook-off with Turanga Health, in which the two health providers celebrate healthy eating . . . and healthy competition.

Information about the confirmed measles case in Gisborne

5 September 2019

The recent confirmed case of measles in Gisborne has resulted in a significant increase at 3Rivers in the number of related phone calls and patients requiring vaccination and face-to-face time. This has put additional pressure on an already stretched system.

Cook-Off 2018!

27 November 2018

THEY might be all about healthy living but they don't mind a bit of healthy competition as well! Staff from Tūranga Health and Three Rivers Medical in November donned aprons and took up spatulas to take part in their semi-annual Cook-Off.

Welcome Dr Scott Schieber

24 July 2018

Scott Schieber has suffered his worst injuries while snowboarding so, when deciding whether to live near New Zealand mountains or the ocean, it was beachside all the way!